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BarBots Abound on the Internet!

Radioactive dust has settled.

Inspirations for future cocktails and the bots that serve them have begun to percolate.

Protests, biological and societal, have come and gone.

Drink Making Unit 2.1 by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

The memories remain:

Popular Science and Gizmodo photodocumented the glory of our robot bartenders for current and future generations.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Party Robotics endured the swirling infinite of booze from within, and survived to tell their tales [excitement helmets work small wonders!].

Observers near, far, and further bore witness to our labours.

Schrödinger’s Martini by Jonathan Foote and Josh Myer
The aforementioned would not have been possible without the inimitable influence of St George Spirits [and their outstanding B&E bourbon, which fueled the perfect Manhattans of Inertia Labs’ Manhattan Project].

Manhattan Project by Inertia Labs

We continue to be grateful to all who shared the BarBot Bunker with us, particularly our comrades at the Museum of Robots, excellent human and artist Josh Ellingson, the 19 fabulous robots that poured upward of 1500 cocktails each night, and the well-lubricated humans that gave them purpose!

We hope to do it all again soon! To ensure an uninterrupted stream of information regarding future schemes and events, please subscribe over at http://robogames.net/subscribe.php