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BarBots Abound on the Internet!

Radioactive dust has settled.

Inspirations for future cocktails and the bots that serve them have begun to percolate.

Protests, biological and societal, have come and gone.

Drink Making Unit 2.1 by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

The memories remain:

Popular Science and Gizmodo photodocumented the glory of our robot bartenders for current and future generations.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and Party Robotics endured the swirling infinite of booze from within, and survived to tell their tales [excitement helmets work small wonders!].

Observers near, far, and further bore witness to our labours.

Schrödinger’s Martini by Jonathan Foote and Josh Myer
The aforementioned would not have been possible without the inimitable influence of St George Spirits [and their outstanding B&E bourbon, which fueled the perfect Manhattans of Inertia Labs’ Manhattan Project].

Manhattan Project by Inertia Labs

We continue to be grateful to all who shared the BarBot Bunker with us, particularly our comrades at the Museum of Robots, excellent human and artist Josh Ellingson, the 19 fabulous robots that poured upward of 1500 cocktails each night, and the well-lubricated humans that gave them purpose!

We hope to do it all again soon! To ensure an uninterrupted stream of information regarding future schemes and events, please subscribe over at

TONIGHT: Nerd Nite At Sea II

The hits just keep on coming, campers!

As part of the weeklong Bay Area Science Fest (proud supporter of BarBot) our Science Carnie cohort I will be headed over to the USS Hornet, proud WWII aricraft carrier, for Nerd Night At Sea II

NEEEERRRDDDSSThere nerds and nerd lovers of all stripes will convene to learn stuff, drink things, and engage in intellectual hijinks fit for the curiosity-driven crowds of the SF Bay Area.

We will be the ones building scribble bots. Come on down and see us, won’t you?


This is it, kids, we’ve made The Big Show.

BarBot 2013.75 is just a *little* too excited to be a part of The Bay Area Science Fest this year, as a signature event!

Courtesy XKCD of course

Bay Area Science Fest will be showing off their SCIENCE BEER (a very nice Belgian Golden Strong – brewed with some pear extract, according to Them What Know. 8% abv, hold on to your socks).

We are strapping on our Excitement Helmets for realsies now, because not ONLY do we have SCIENCE BEER, we *also* have the inestimable, superlative, HELLA SCIENTIFIC and deeply respected St. George Spirits supplying Selected and Super Cool Robots with Deliciously and Scientifically Produced tipples to tantalize your thought processes and make everything exactly 72 degrees in your brain.

So! Take the kids to Discovery Days! Make sure to visit us at Nerd Nite at Sea II! See all the sites and learn all the things and definitely visit our buds over at the St. George Tasting Room.

Save some of your liver for this Friday and Saturday, though, because my friends, this will be large.


So You Want To Be A Barbotter

Make your life more complicated but far more entertaining! Get ready to


Shake it Shake it ooh ooh

Another Happy Barbotter.
Alexander Rose with Shakebot, courtesy  LaughingSquid

Have you ever wished you could meet like-minded people in a social setting, and spent 90% of your time trying to figure out why your robot’s code failed?

Have you ever thought that maybe it wasn’t the code, but a hardware problem after all?

Did the thing completely work at home but for some reason totally stop functioning the minute you plugged it in to a strange outlet?

Did you throw your hands up in disgust and go get a tasty beverage from one of the robots in your immediate vicinity that *was* working?

Well my friend, do we have the event for you!  
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