Tickets for BarBot 2013.75 are no longer on sale.


Check back here for BarBot Spring 2014!

8 thoughts on “TICKETS

  1. Hello! I’m SOOOO excited to come to BarBot this year! I unfortunately purchased my 4 tickets, through GoldStar, for Friday instead of Saturday like an idiot. Is there anyway I can switch them to Saturday. please let me know if there is anyone I need to call/email.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    1. Hi Kelly! I have sent you an email as we are GREAT AND POWERFUL AND OMNISCIENT over here. We’ll change your tix no problem.

  2. Hello!

    What is the per-drink ticket price this year? Would be good to know ahead of time, so we can budget appropriately.


    1. Hello Jeff! We will be serving drinks at the rock-bottom price of $6 for everything! $4 for beer at the human bar.

  3. Hello, is there any way to buy tickets for this without a US-addressed credit card? I am in the UK and flying over to SF tomorrow and would really like to come to this.

    1. Yes! You can get them on the door the night you wish to come, Probably. It might be crowded. But we’ll do our best.

  4. I have a similar problem as the above commenter – I have tix from Goldstar for Saturday, but meant to get them for Friday night. Can I use the Saturday tix tonight?

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