So you say you have a natural disaster. . . .

Since we here at BarBot are running around like a decapitated AT-AT at the moment, we’re going to cheat like a mofo and post something from our very good friend and A#1 robot support, Lem Fugitt of the superlative Robots-Dreams blog.

So say you are caught in a teensy Ice Age or an asteroid hits earth or (DEAR GOD NO) you run out of bourbon. You’re going to need an emergency way to communicate your very great distress. That’s where this little baby come in:

A fusion of robotics, amateur radio, and emergency service the Emergency Antenna Platform System (E-APS) is a tool for amateur radio operators (ARES, RACES) as well as First Responder organizations to turn any parking lot lamp post into and instant antenna tower.

Trumpet your coordinates for bourbon airdrop! Tell the chopper where to land the beer! Oh yeah and also let them know about Bob and his mangled leg or whatever.


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