TONIGHT: BarBots Get Real with Chuck Palahniuk

And let’s hope we’re don’t get in *too* much trouble. Or, that we’re really good at apologizing. Something.

Tonight, the Commonwealth Club’s side project, Inforum (think of it as the CW’s youth group –  they do the fun, funky stuff) is presenting a conversation between Chuck “Fight Club” Palahniuk and John “Cacophony” Law.

Some regular BarBot denizens will be there, pouring in the VIP lounge.

You don;t want to stand there. Really.

Photo courtesy MakerFaire NYC and Santigo Feilipe

The presentation will be ridiculous, the surrounding events even more ridiculouser, and you should all come.   There are apparently about 40 tickets left, so, fair warning.

If you do come, tweet @roboticcocktail and a genuine denizen of the BarBot bunker will give you a Genuine BarBot Hug*

So come on down! Hugs are fab, robotics is fab, and all the other stuff will be fab oh god we’re all going to get arrested if we do this right.  WHEE!

*Genuine BarBot Hugs include but may or may not be limited to: giggling, weird smells, shiny baubles and trinkets, alcohol, alcoholic sweat, groping (but only if you ask nicely) and may or may not include an actual hug. It’s Project Mayhem here, folks, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

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