So You Want To Be A Barbotter

Make your life more complicated but far more entertaining! Get ready to


Shake it Shake it ooh ooh

Another Happy Barbotter.
Alexander Rose with Shakebot, courtesy  LaughingSquid

Have you ever wished you could meet like-minded people in a social setting, and spent 90% of your time trying to figure out why your robot’s code failed?

Have you ever thought that maybe it wasn’t the code, but a hardware problem after all?

Did the thing completely work at home but for some reason totally stop functioning the minute you plugged it in to a strange outlet?

Did you throw your hands up in disgust and go get a tasty beverage from one of the robots in your immediate vicinity that *was* working?

Well my friend, do we have the event for you!  

Bring your robot to BarBot 2013.75!

People have come from as far away as Seattle, Canada, Massachusetts, Spain, Austria, and elsewhere! What do you have to lose?*

It’s easy as mistyping one tiny quotation mark somewhere in your code, causing the whole thing to break.

It’s as simple as mumbling over the inadequacies of your peristaltic pump designer, who is in Israel, only ships parcel post, and doesn’t answer email.

Simply click the link about and follow the directions.  It’s free to bring your delightful creation to BarBot.  We pay for the booze your robot needs and a certain amount of very specific expenses (lay off, we’re a non-profit).  You can distribute schwag from your start-up, proselytize for Mighthy Zarquon, and also have more fun than you thought was possible with a bunch of dorks who dig on electronics and fine tipple.


*Well, there’s your dignity, balance, sense of time, ability to swallow, etc.  But only if you over-indulge.
Bot Responsibly, kids!

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