BarBot 2013.75: Robot Lovers, Start Your Livers

Way back in March 2013, we had a little shindig called Barbot: Automatic.

Vincent Crown BarBot 2103.25 March 2013

It was a howling success.

Barbot 2013.25 Corwd Vincent Crown

It was such fun that we are fixing to throw another one, this time with the team work and under the auspices of The Bay Area Science Festival (which is in itself crazy nifty and hella scientific).

So, for your perusal let us present:

BARBOT 2013.75
Friday and Saturday
October 25-26th, 2013
at the Splendid
Oddfellows Hall
26 7th Street (at Market), San Francisco

Mark your calendars. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Slip hand-drawn fliers into the hands of folks on Muni, giggling softly to yourself and making too much eye contact. Whatever it takes.

Online tickets available as soon as the webtroll we keep in the basement gets his stuff together.

All photos courtesy Vincent Crown 2013

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